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American common space is in a state of flux. As demographics shift, technologies advance, cultural mores morph, and economies + politics churn, our cherished public spaces are becoming obsolete empty vessels of nostolgia. How can architects and urban desingers alter these spaces to accomodate the new and ever-changing character of American public space? This is the question that Kent State University's CUDC Fall 2006 Graduate Studio will investigate.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Public Square as an Intellectual Grazing Field

This concept attempts to look at where Public Square has been and where it can go. It views Public Square as being representative of Cleveland and its economy/ ecology/ social structures/ transportation infrastructure/ and intellectual capacity. In the way that a grazing field is a place for wildlife to congregate in a space to replenish their bodies, so too will Public Square become a space where the citizens of the region will feed off of their own collective intellect.


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