Public Square Studio

American common space is in a state of flux. As demographics shift, technologies advance, cultural mores morph, and economies + politics churn, our cherished public spaces are becoming obsolete empty vessels of nostolgia. How can architects and urban desingers alter these spaces to accomodate the new and ever-changing character of American public space? This is the question that Kent State University's CUDC Fall 2006 Graduate Studio will investigate.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

After being paired up with my partner, we underwent a series of studies in which we combined design tactics from our six case studies and applied them to public square. Our case studies are as follows: Central Park, Kahn's traffic studies of Philadelphia, Boston's City Hall, Millennium Park in Chicago, Chicago's Century of Progress Exhibition, and Piccadilly Circus in London. Of all tactics and characteristics obtained through the study of these precedents, a few seemed most prevalent to us: the concept of spectacle and the use of infrastructure. For the time being, we are using these two ideas as the framework for our design of Public Square.


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