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American common space is in a state of flux. As demographics shift, technologies advance, cultural mores morph, and economies + politics churn, our cherished public spaces are becoming obsolete empty vessels of nostolgia. How can architects and urban desingers alter these spaces to accomodate the new and ever-changing character of American public space? This is the question that Kent State University's CUDC Fall 2006 Graduate Studio will investigate.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


The studio continues to engage in precedent analysis and the deployment of precedent tactics into Public Square. The students are testing the tactics of precedents of varying scales and scopes, including the following: Central Park (NYC), La Villette (Paris), High Line (NYC), Steel Cloud (LA), Millenium Park (Chicago), Downsview Park (Toronto), Kahn's Philadelphia Traffic Studies, Rockefeller Center (NYC), Piazza d'Italia (New Orleans), Loyola Law School (LA), University of Virginia, and 1933 Century of Progress Exposition (Chicago). Some of the studies can be viewed in various posts below. More should be posted soon.

Students will execute one more round of predecent analysis, research public space altering technologies, and then commence the re-design of Public Square. Initial designs will begin to be posted and discussed by the end of September.


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