Public Square Studio

American common space is in a state of flux. As demographics shift, technologies advance, cultural mores morph, and economies + politics churn, our cherished public spaces are becoming obsolete empty vessels of nostolgia. How can architects and urban desingers alter these spaces to accomodate the new and ever-changing character of American public space? This is the question that Kent State University's CUDC Fall 2006 Graduate Studio will investigate.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Impending Final Reviews 8 December 2006

The Public Square Studio is nearing an end. The three groups are participating in final documentation, model building, diagramming, and rhetorical editing in these final days.

The three groups are interested and speculating about these subjects and how they are motivated within a re-constituted Public Square:

1. Spectacle enhancement, harvesting, and deployment in concert with city infrastructures
2. Intellectual Grazing Fields
3. Disseminated modulated Intensities, Armatures, Landscapes, and Programs

Please look for posted images, discussion points, notions, and debates later next week.


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